Our Eyes Through A Scope

photos by: RatioPicsimg_1857

Taken after a drenching rain shower in San Francisco, these photos show a coined operated monocular pointed towards two of the most meaningful landmarks of the city….The Golden Gate Bridge & Alcatraz Island.

There are many sayings and quotes relating to never giving up on your dreams.

Constantly remaining gazed upon anything is challenging. Especially in todays world, our attention span compares to that of a Labrador Retriever. To not allow our surrounding noise to distract us and pull our attention towards another direction seems impossible.


“We look through scopes to see further. We use another eye to enhance our own.”

Our vision is not always clear due to the fact our sight has a limit to its visibility. The further we are from an object chances are higher we will lose focus. When objects appear far and small in the distance, it’s naturally harder to keep our sights set due to the close proximity of the near surrounding objects and their protruding presence. Distance depletes senses. The things that are far away we cannot hear; therefore they become less real to us from the loss of this sense. The objects that are relatively near ranged project their accumulative diverse noise into the air draining our ears, only causing further distraction. It is beyond difficult to sustain focus on a blur along the horizon when we lack certain senses for it, even though that is where we are wanting our eyes look. Even though it is where we ourselves fantasize about being.

In life we allow the things in front of us to take away our focus from the greater picture. Because our vision of it is not crystal clear, we will allow these distracting objects to grab our attention, take control, and redirect our efforts. Why chase an unpredictable, and what seems to be impossible dream, when we may have something right in front of us that can be realistically obtained? We settle.


We look upon the people we admire and always say to ourselves, “I wish I was him/her.” We view them as if they were born with special abilities and capabilities that ‘we’ do not possess. We see these people as almost having rare extraordinary powers for being able to obtain the amounts of success in their possession. We view these individuals, and their abilities, to be inherent and innate when in retrospect their goals were no further in reach than that of our own. The difference is we see our goals and dreams as impractical and hopeless. Our role models, our idols, and our heroes saw their own blur in the distance in a different light and in a more optimistic perspective. They viewed their ideas as possible, pictured their arrival, developed a blueprint, and with this process, foreshadowed their own destiny.

Along the Curve

photo by: RatioPicsimg_1174– “A sharp turn, a windy road, you’re better off that you don’t know where it goes.”

This photo was taken about a month ago as I was waiting for my mother to come out of her surgery on top of the parking garage at UCSF hospital. For some reason this curved wall and driveway descending down into the lower levels of the garage caught my eye during this time. My mother has had hundreds of surgeries since I was born and I realized nothing has changed. She has been standing in the same boat, floating down the same river, and I’ve wondered for a long time how long until she gets off of it. An estimated fifteen years of her living the same lifestyle and I’m thinking…isn’t her mind becoming tired? I know she prays every night for a new life. Can one adapt to such a low, such a straight path? That is not how I believe life is supposed to be.

Along a curve vision becomes blurred. We are susceptible, prone, to the unexpected. A curved path is a treacherous one, yet we do nothing but pursue the unknown. Imagine a road. A road that never turns nor changes direction. Mathematically follow along this straight line without change for eternity. There is no danger and nothing can harm you. Everything that exists remains the same. Time does not deteriorate, erode, nor age the surrounding backdrop; or the living and non-living objects that are visible within your peripherals. Yourself no longer grows old either. Wouldn’t you become exhausted from such a repetitive scenery? Wouldn’t your mind become irritated? I believe after a while it would crave reaction. The function of your neurons would slow causing your thoughts to scatter from the lack of stimulation. We always say we wish things stayed steady, but in reality, what gets us up in the morning is what keeps us sharp; it is our stories that are yet to be told and our direction that is yet to be known.

Life knows what is good for us. It may not always be the easy way, but the alternate route consists of a result that is further more difficult. Reality if anything never follows along a straight line, and anyone that comes in range of this type of movement actually is unsatisfied and ask themselves everyday why can’t they make a change to feel that high point again. We do not experience our highs without experiencing our lows. Life is like an ever-changing graph that will never perfectly lay upon the axis. Once we reach that high point we want nothing but to reside there. Unfortunately, we will always desire for more. Our high point will never stay our high point, and further down the line our high point of the past might actually become our low point of the future.

Everyone must have a routine to be successful, but everyone requires change for satisfaction. To keep us on our toes, and to allow our souls to grow, we must see change and we must be change. No one is supposed to live forever because too much time alive is not right, and I believe the universe knows that. Everyone must have a story, everyone must live, everyone must feel the highs and lows in life otherwise they have not lived. Everyone must have stops, turns, and curves along their road, and most importantly, everyone must have a beginning and an end to their road.

Solitary Conversations

photo by: RatioPicsimg_1107

Quiet. Truthfully when being in such a presence, in such a setting, it brings forth a wave of inspiration. I place myself under a lamppost revealing my shadow to freely converse with my spirit that is now shaded amongst the matter of the earth. I watch the rays of our celestial star flee over the horizon in the effort to escape the darkness in chase of it. From the silence surrounding my being, my eyes key in, leading my footsteps towards originality. No influences, just a pen and a pad. Beyond the hills, the sky compares to that of the color of a peeled grapefruit. The boundary consists of a visible line to a complete opposite spectrum. On the other side is a storm. Eerie, Villainous, awaiting to consume the enlightening appearance of the evading light. It symbolizes that everything at one point is chased by the darkness; that before light fades out it displays such an artistry of its final existence.

Thoughts of being alone differ to those around company. When we are isolated, we are in complete communication with ourselves. When we are with others, I believe our thoughts are somewhat influenced based upon the energy and dialogue of the people you surround yourself by.

When around our friends it allows us to forget. It allows us to not have to deal with the things we continuously think about. We tend to think more of the current moment then of our future or our past.

On our own we are forced to face everything that our subconscious eats away at. Who we may miss, things we may regret, are the things we think about the most, as well as imagining what could be and what could have been. When stuck with our own thoughts we can see so far into the future and plan, creating the blueprints of our life. We prioritize, modify, and correct, like a computer grammatically fixing a document. This document is our story and we desire for it to match perfection, and when alone we are forced to access this important task.

One must incorporate an equal amount of each. We cannot be alone with ourselves for long durations of time as it causes us to over-analyze and continuously correct, as we never stop pondering the aspects of our existence. We must take the time to reset and refresh to be content with our results. Find inspirations in others, but then when found alone, release it out into forms of expression. When with the world and its people, absorb its energy but be responsible and choose what to hold on to and what not to. Be with yourself, find that place where you have no interruption and can hear yourself clearly. Take everything from your past, your hope for the future, and use it to write your story and find your path.

Ingredients of the Conscience

photo by: RatioPicsimg_1482

You put a mixture of ingredients into a bowl. This bowl now holds everything together in one confined area. Let’s say that this bowl represents your entire conscience, and the ingredients represent your thoughts and ideals in which you have now placed within your conscience. At one point this bowl was completely empty. It was free of any kind of matter or weight and held nothing. This bowl was clean. This conscious was clean. When making decisions, weighing options, having hopes, or having worries, they are all placed into your conscious like ingredients into a bowl. They are all stirred and mixed in with each other in a way to infuse all of the projected aspects of a decision or circumstance into one. This creates sort of a batter that you use to make your outcome. How it tastes and what comes out of it is determined by how much of each type of ingredient you put into the bowl.

When you ponder or contemplate anything in your life you usually have multiple thoughts about it good and bad, even if you do not display it verbally. Like the devil and the angel on opposite shoulders, your conscience weighs pro and cons even if your mind decides to ignore one side or the other. You will usually tend to always think more of one side than you do the other.

Into your bowl/conscience you unnoticeably insert a certain amount of each certain ingredient. There is something new in front of you…lets just say an opportunity of some kind. Everything related to the subject matter of this opportunity is already mixed into your conscience. If past experiences related to this are traumatic, chances are the ingredients within your bowl are in a high concentration of worry, frustration, anxiety, and fear. If past experiences relating to this are mostly positive, chances are your mixture of ingredients will contain high concentration in hope, happiness, excitement, and comfort. Our experiences add weight to specific ingredients. This affects our future tastes and behavior. It affects how we will react in similar situations. It affects whether the devil or angel has the strongest word to our ear.


photo by: RatioPics        img_1738

The last month of the year is a unique and special time for most people. Families and friends come together and celebrate to bring in the new year. The holiday season is of warm feeling but with a cold climate, as we bear gifts to show our appreciation to the one’s we love. I wonder why that is? It seems that love is more needed as the air outside becomes more brisk. You do not see too many gift-giving holidays in the warm parts of the year for a reason. It seems when conditions become as so, during winter, we crave and cling to the people we love for warmth and support. We are in more need to be shown how much we mean to them rather than in the middle of summer. From Thanksgiving to Valentine’s day, this is a time focused on our connections to the important people in our lives. We give love and receive it. It is our break from the stressful year of focusing on work, school, etc, to give us this quality time that we can never seem to find during other parts of the year.

This is also a time for reflection. Memories swarm your mind upon the approaching mark of a new beginning. Any regrets and mistakes can now we wiped clean as you’re channeling your thoughts towards this yet to be written, unknown, optimistic future. A blank page awaits, and your mind is in a process of hopeful foreshadowing in an attempt to predict the outcome of the picture. We imagine what that page may look like…if we were to do things differently this year. If we were to stick to our resolutions and solve the problems that we’ve had to battle with in the past, who knows what new opportunities would arise. What drives human nature is progression. Humans never seem to be completely satisfied with their level of productivity or accomplishments. We keep taking strides for that next step, whether being at the start of the staircase, or 10 flights up. At this time of the year, we review, but also strategize on how to be better in every aspect than that of the year before. Large or small, our resolutions is to further explore, pursue happiness, better our lives, and to get to that next step.