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Welcome to my site!!!

Ny names Blake a.k.a. Ratio. I am 21 year old years old born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California. I am a writer, photographer, and aspiring journalist in which I’ve  created this site for the purpose of having a platform for my work. This page was originally created to display my love for writing and the intent of constructing a blog allowing my content to be seen by the public. I have always been a writer at heart and despite my love for other forms of expression,  writing is my number one passion. I enjoy and respect every form of art. From the BMX bike rider pedaling down the streets of the city looking for his next trick line, to the painter tucked away in the small studio apartment above, art and expression is our escape and how we minimize this large world into one focused view. Including the blog, I will also be putting up a page for my photography RatioPics.

My story, as I will go into more detail on in my blog posts, has given me major setbacks in my life especially in the last few years. In the summer of 2016 I was diagnosed with P.O.T.S. It is a rare autonomic nervous disorder that causes ones heart rate to become extremely erratic with any form of posture change, movement, exercise, or stress. Since the start of this condition my life has been more of a different feel than I had planned for entering adulthood and being so young. Previously incorrectly diagnosed with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia at the age of 18, my condition has held me back me extremely and taken me to some very dark places. Having dealt with some certain health problems and family issues in my life already, when I began to feel the effects of this condition I was in my senior year of high school resulting in the unfortunate decision to having to drop out of high school. While I was seeing pictures being posted of my close friends at their prom, I was laying in a hospital bed with a resting heart rate at about 125 and could not even raise my head without it spiking to the rate to that of someone who was sprinting around a track. I was in and out of the hospital for two months as doctors attempted to diagnose me properly and figure out what was going wrong with my body. After countless tests, examinations, being under the care of the best electrophysiologist in the state, doctors came to the conclusion that the only form of treatment was to only help ease my symptoms with everyday medicine, and that was all they could do. It took awhile but I progressively got better. Never close to the former athletic young man I once was before, but I was able to subside some of the symptoms with everyday heart medications and live a normal life but with certain restrictions. For awhile things were okay, but unfortunately, I have made some wrong and unhealthy decisions between those years that I believe was the cause of it becoming re-aggravated once again. They call it the invisible disease because I may look like a young healthy man on the outside while my body suffers from a serious dysfunction on the inside. This condition has affected my school, restricted my life, making forms of work requiring any physical activity a 1000x more difficult or not safe, and has made me just have to reassess my life in a lot of ways.

The most important meaning for this page is that I hope to relate. I want to relate to those that have felt what I’ve felt, shared similar experiences, and hopefully, it’ll in any type of way help them. I refuse to allow my condition to affect me from carrying on or prevent me from pursuing my dreams and success. This site is my expression, my outlet, and through it, I use it to help give me the strength to hurdle over my obstacles. Hopefully, giving the motivation to others to do so as well.