Our Eyes Through A Scope

photos by: RatioPicsimg_1857

Taken after a drenching rain shower in San Francisco, these photos show a coined operated monocular pointed towards two of the most meaningful landmarks of the city….The Golden Gate Bridge & Alcatraz Island.

There are many sayings and quotes relating to never giving up on your dreams.

Constantly remaining gazed upon anything is challenging. Especially in todays world, our attention span compares to that of a Labrador Retriever. To not allow our surrounding noise to distract us and pull our attention towards another direction seems impossible.


“We look through scopes to see further. We use another eye to enhance our own.”

Our vision is not always clear due to the fact our sight has a limit to its visibility. The further we are from an object chances are higher we will lose focus. When objects appear far and small in the distance, it’s naturally harder to keep our sights set due to the close proximity of the near surrounding objects and their protruding presence. Distance depletes senses. The things that are far away we cannot hear; therefore they become less real to us from the loss of this sense. The objects that are relatively near ranged project their accumulative diverse noise into the air draining our ears, only causing further distraction. It is beyond difficult to sustain focus on a blur along the horizon when we lack certain senses for it, even though that is where we are wanting our eyes look. Even though it is where we ourselves fantasize about being.

In life we allow the things in front of us to take away our focus from the greater picture. Because our vision of it is not crystal clear, we will allow these distracting objects to grab our attention, take control, and redirect our efforts. Why chase an unpredictable, and what seems to be impossible dream, when we may have something right in front of us that can be realistically obtained? We settle.


We look upon the people we admire and always say to ourselves, “I wish I was him/her.” We view them as if they were born with special abilities and capabilities that ‘we’ do not possess. We see these people as almost having rare extraordinary powers for being able to obtain the amounts of success in their possession. We view these individuals, and their abilities, to be inherent and innate when in retrospect their goals were no further in reach than that of our own. The difference is we see our goals and dreams as impractical and hopeless. Our role models, our idols, and our heroes saw their own blur in the distance in a different light and in a more optimistic perspective. They viewed their ideas as possible, pictured their arrival, developed a blueprint, and with this process, foreshadowed their own destiny.


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