Along the Curve

photo by: RatioPicsimg_1174– “A sharp turn, a windy road, you’re better off that you don’t know where it goes.”

This photo was taken about a month ago as I was waiting for my mother to come out of her surgery on top of the parking garage at UCSF hospital. For some reason this curved wall and driveway descending down into the lower levels of the garage caught my eye during this time. My mother has had hundreds of surgeries since I was born and I realized nothing has changed. She has been standing in the same boat, floating down the same river, and I’ve wondered for a long time how long until she gets off of it. An estimated fifteen years of her living the same lifestyle and I’m thinking…isn’t her mind becoming tired? I know she prays every night for a new life. Can one adapt to such a low, such a straight path? That is not how I believe life is supposed to be.

Along a curve vision becomes blurred. We are susceptible, prone, to the unexpected. A curved path is a treacherous one, yet we do nothing but pursue the unknown. Imagine a road. A road that never turns nor changes direction. Mathematically follow along this straight line without change for eternity. There is no danger and nothing can harm you. Everything that exists remains the same. Time does not deteriorate, erode, nor age the surrounding backdrop; or the living and non-living objects that are visible within your peripherals. Yourself no longer grows old either. Wouldn’t you become exhausted from such a repetitive scenery? Wouldn’t your mind become irritated? I believe after a while it would crave reaction. The function of your neurons would slow causing your thoughts to scatter from the lack of stimulation. We always say we wish things stayed steady, but in reality, what gets us up in the morning is what keeps us sharp; it is our stories that are yet to be told and our direction that is yet to be known.

Life knows what is good for us. It may not always be the easy way, but the alternate route consists of a result that is further more difficult. Reality if anything never follows along a straight line, and anyone that comes in range of this type of movement actually is unsatisfied and ask themselves everyday why can’t they make a change to feel that high point again. We do not experience our highs without experiencing our lows. Life is like an ever-changing graph that will never perfectly lay upon the axis. Once we reach that high point we want nothing but to reside there. Unfortunately, we will always desire for more. Our high point will never stay our high point, and further down the line our high point of the past might actually become our low point of the future.

Everyone must have a routine to be successful, but everyone requires change for satisfaction. To keep us on our toes, and to allow our souls to grow, we must see change and we must be change. No one is supposed to live forever because too much time alive is not right, and I believe the universe knows that. Everyone must have a story, everyone must live, everyone must feel the highs and lows in life otherwise they have not lived. Everyone must have stops, turns, and curves along their road, and most importantly, everyone must have a beginning and an end to their road.


8 thoughts on “Along the Curve

  1. It’s true that ups and downs are part of our lives. There would be nothing to call as happiness if there’s no sadness and there would be nothing to call as sadness if there’s no happiness. There’s only one life to live so people should follow a simple thought “leave the past in the past, leave the future for the future and live the present in the present.”

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