Solitary Conversations

photo by: RatioPicsimg_1107

Quiet. Truthfully when being in such a presence, in such a setting, it brings forth a wave of inspiration. I place myself under a lamppost revealing my shadow to freely converse with my spirit that is now shaded amongst the matter of the earth. I watch the rays of our celestial star flee over the horizon in the effort to escape the darkness in chase of it. From the silence surrounding my being, my eyes key in, leading my footsteps towards originality. No influences, just a pen and a pad. Beyond the hills, the sky compares to that of the color of a peeled grapefruit. The boundary consists of a visible line to a complete opposite spectrum. On the other side is a storm. Eerie, Villainous, awaiting to consume the enlightening appearance of the evading light. It symbolizes that everything at one point is chased by the darkness; that before light fades out it displays such an artistry of its final existence.

Thoughts of being alone differ to those around company. When we are isolated, we are in complete communication with ourselves. When we are with others, I believe our thoughts are somewhat influenced based upon the energy and dialogue of the people you surround yourself by.

When around our friends it allows us to forget. It allows us to not have to deal with the things we continuously think about. We tend to think more of the current moment then of our future or our past.

On our own we are forced to face everything that our subconscious eats away at. Who we may miss, things we may regret, are the things we think about the most, as well as imagining what could be and what could have been. When stuck with our own thoughts we can see so far into the future and plan, creating the blueprints of our life. We prioritize, modify, and correct, like a computer grammatically fixing a document. This document is our story and we desire for it to match perfection, and when alone we are forced to access this important task.

One must incorporate an equal amount of each. We cannot be alone with ourselves for long durations of time as it causes us to over-analyze and continuously correct, as we never stop pondering the aspects of our existence. We must take the time to reset and refresh to be content with our results. Find inspirations in others, but then when found alone, release it out into forms of expression. When with the world and its people, absorb its energy but be responsible and choose what to hold on to and what not to. Be with yourself, find that place where you have no interruption and can hear yourself clearly. Take everything from your past, your hope for the future, and use it to write your story and find your path.


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