Ingredients of the Conscience

photo by: RatioPicsimg_1482

You put a mixture of ingredients into a bowl. This bowl now holds everything together in one confined area. Let’s say that this bowl represents your entire conscience, and the ingredients represent your thoughts and ideals in which you have now placed within your conscience. At one point this bowl was completely empty. It was free of any kind of matter or weight and held nothing. This bowl was clean. This conscious was clean. When making decisions, weighing options, having hopes, or having worries, they are all placed into your conscious like ingredients into a bowl. They are all stirred and mixed in with each other in a way to infuse all of the projected aspects of a decision or circumstance into one. This creates sort of a batter that you use to make your outcome. How it tastes and what comes out of it is determined by how much of each type of ingredient you put into the bowl.

When you ponder or contemplate anything in your life you usually have multiple thoughts about it good and bad, even if you do not display it verbally. Like the devil and the angel on opposite shoulders, your conscience weighs pro and cons even if your mind decides to ignore one side or the other. You will usually tend to always think more of one side than you do the other.

Into your bowl/conscience you unnoticeably insert a certain amount of each certain ingredient. There is something new in front of you…lets just say an opportunity of some kind. Everything related to the subject matter of this opportunity is already mixed into your conscience. If past experiences related to this are traumatic, chances are the ingredients within your bowl are in a high concentration of worry, frustration, anxiety, and fear. If past experiences relating to this are mostly positive, chances are your mixture of ingredients will contain high concentration in hope, happiness, excitement, and comfort. Our experiences add weight to specific ingredients. This affects our future tastes and behavior. It affects how we will react in similar situations. It affects whether the devil or angel has the strongest word to our ear.


3 thoughts on “Ingredients of the Conscience

  1. Among all my friends the positive thinkers are the most successful … there must be something to it! I love the set-up in the photo … did you do this or was it someone else’s creation? I’m wondering who could own so many pairs of scissors!


    1. It was another artists creation. It was a free art gallery in San Francisco. I asked for an artists name but they didn’t have any listed for any of the pieces, and they said I was welcome to take photographs of the displayed artwork.


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