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The last month of the year is a unique and special time for most people. Families and friends come together and celebrate to bring in the new year. The holiday season is of warm feeling but with a cold climate, as we bear gifts to show our appreciation to the one’s we love. I wonder why that is? It seems that love is more needed as the air outside becomes more brisk. You do not see too many gift-giving holidays in the warm parts of the year for a reason. It seems when conditions become as so, during winter, we crave and cling to the people we love for warmth and support. We are in more need to be shown how much we mean to them rather than in the middle of summer. From Thanksgiving to Valentine’s day, this is a time focused on our connections to the important people in our lives. We give love and receive it. It is our break from the stressful year of focusing on work, school, etc, to give us this quality time that we can never seem to find during other parts of the year.

This is also a time for reflection. Memories swarm your mind upon the approaching mark of a new beginning. Any regrets and mistakes can now we wiped clean as you’re channeling your thoughts towards this yet to be written, unknown, optimistic future. A blank page awaits, and your mind is in a process of hopeful foreshadowing in an attempt to predict the outcome of the picture. We imagine what that page may look like…if we were to do things differently this year. If we were to stick to our resolutions and solve the problems that we’ve had to battle with in the past, who knows what new opportunities would arise. What drives human nature is progression. Humans never seem to be completely satisfied with their level of productivity or accomplishments. We keep taking strides for that next step, whether being at the start of the staircase, or 10 flights up. At this time of the year, we review, but also strategize on how to be better in every aspect than that of the year before. Large or small, our resolutions is to further explore, pursue happiness, better our lives, and to get to that next step.


One thought on “Resolutions

  1. Love IS warm. But I think, it is the only thing that everyone wants everytime, irrespective of the season. It’s just that, people are very busy in earning money to make their lives better. But in holidays, people have enough time to spend with their loved ones…

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